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Joseph Ampadu-Boakye, Market Development and Partnerships, Safe Water Network-Ghana.
 Blogging from Ghana from the Beyond the Pipe forum, an annual event that convenes leadership from the public and private sectors, development agencies, and the NGO community to develop concrete actions to advance community water supply.
Safe Water Network guest blog Photo 2Customers at a Safe Water Station in Dzemini, Ghana

 March 22, 2015 is the last World Water Day under the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), which end this year. The MDGs set an ambitious target of halving the number of people without access to water—and to the credit of the global community, the overall target was achieved. However, over the past decade the limitations of the MDGs have become increasingly apparent, notably their focus on outputs—namely the number of water points constructed, with little attention to the quality of either the water provided or the sustainability of the service. March 22, 2016 will be the first World Water Day under the Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs), which are being structured to address the shortcomings of the MDGs.

The Conrad N. Hilton Foundation has been funding the water sector in sub-Saharan Africa for twenty-five years. However, the Foundation is more than just a funder. They have played a leadership role in bringing attention to the need to provide access to safe water on a sustainable basis. More recently, this has included support for market-based approaches, which is where our paths intersect.

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Justin McAuliffe is a Program Associate, helping manage the special programs activities of the Foundation, including multiple sclerosis research and wellness programming, hospitality education, and family philanthropy.

MS Month editedThe fight against MS is a deeply personal one for us. Our involvement is rooted in the personal fight of Marilyn Hilton—Barron Hilton's late wife—against progressive MS, from which she suffered much of her adult life. Our funding strategy is centered on the long-term goal of finding both treatments and a cure for the disease, as well as wellness programming efforts to help those who have the disease to live full and meaningful lives.

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Jeannine Balfour is Senior Program Officer, Domestic Programs, focusing on the Foundation's Foster Youth initiative.

Youth and TechnologyDo you have an articulate strategy for using technology like social media or apps to reach vulnerable youth? Does your organization embrace the use of technology or stick its head in the sand with the hope that whatever you're doing will suffice? Ever worry that technology is replacing human interaction on important social issues? On December 2, 2014, we partnered with the Stuart and Pritzker Foundations to convene about 50 experts and stakeholders to address some of these questions and more. Jesse Hahnel of National Council on Youth Law led the discussion on the use of technology as it relates to foster youth and the organizations who serve them. The topics covered included:

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